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Tech neck posture, it’s everywhere!

“Posture is declining at the rate of technology-It took us 3 million years to get bipedal and a couple of
decades of technology to ruin it.” – Dr. Krista Burns, DC – American Posture Institute

“Tech neck” or...

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Combatting the Afternoon Slump: Practical Tips to Boost Your Midday Energy

The Afternoon Slump: Understanding and Overcoming Your Midday Energy Crash

Picture this: it is the middle of the afternoon, and you are sitting at your desk when you feel it – a
wave of exhaustion that washes over you, leaving you struggling...

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Supporting Immune Health with Regular Chiropractic Care, Diet, Exercise, and Supplements

Chiropractic care encourages spinal health, restores joint function, and therefore supports the nervous
system. As a result of improved function and mobility in your spine and body, your nervous system can
work more optimally, as well as the systems...

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Practical Tips on How To Care for Your Nervous Sytem during the Back to School Season

As fall is upon us and back to school season and sports season are getting back into full swing, setting up
the year for success is crucial, especially when it comes to spine and body health. Wearing heavy
backpacks inappropriately and long hours...

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The Importance of Gut Health

Gut imbalances can disrupt the communication between the gut and the brain, leading to imbalances in
neurotransmitters and hormones that regulate energy. This can result in fatigue and feelings of low
energy as well as cause inflammation, food...

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Motion is Lotion

“Motion is lotion for the brain” is a phrase I once heard a doctor say at a neurology seminar and it has
since stuck with me. It reminds me of the care we use when we apply lotion to our skin and the
protective benefits of keeping the...

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