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Dr. Denise is a talented doctor

When I need to consult another brain-based chiropractic doctor
on a challenging concussion case, I contact Dr. Denise.

Dr. Habanova testimonial

Dr. Tatiana Habanova, HBSc, DC, DACNB
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Palm Beach Brain Center

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"Dr. Denise is especially caring & wonderful practitioner"

After a pretty bad cycling crash in late January 2018 that resulted in a concussion and messed up my hip, Dr. Denise restored my body (...and brain), so I am now cycling 25-30 miles a couple of times a week with no issues. She also explained the connection between spinal alignment and how it related to restoring my cognitive health from the concussion. She is especially caring and is a wonderful practitioner - more than just a chiropractor.

Bike rider
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"Dr. Denise has played an integral role"

The day Dr. Denise joined my healthcare team, my journey took a turn for the best and I was immediately drawn to her bubbly and warm demeanor. Based on her comprehensive examination, Dr. Denise was able to determine the parts of my brain affected from the bleed, even prior to seeing the MRI's. She gave me exercises to aid in rebuilding the damage to my brain. The adjustments she made lowered my neuropathic pain immediately. Over time, Denise’s manipulations aligned my spine and hips which aided my balance and stability. Denise has also been a health advocate. She has advised me on vitamins and diet to help the healing of my brain. She has used the laser on my head, together with eye exercises, which successfully helped my eyes focus better. I struggled with balance, coordination, ataxia, increased muscle tone, and vision alignment issues. Denise has played an integral role in my health and recovery. I am so grateful to work with her.

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Highly recommend Dr. Denise.
We love her !

Dr. Denise is amazing and really knows her stuff.
She brings a wealth of knowledge and her caring
heart to help me and my family achieve the best
health possible and educates us on her findings
as she goes. The BEST Chiro Neuro I've ever been
to and the only one I ever will again.

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 A "Chiropractic Neurologist"
does so much more than I expected !

Dr. Denise was prompt, courteous and very
comprehensive with my first consultation.
I look forward to benefitting from her expertise
for my persistent concussion symptoms. I thought
I. was seeing a "Chiropractor", but she is a
"Chiropractic Neurologist". So much more than I

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yes please

Amazing Concussion Program

Dr. Pickowicz worked with me on an individual healing plan to assist with my concussion.
Her knowledge and understanding of concussions, how to treat them, and the support
needed throughout the process was invaluable and not only restored my mind
but helped me grow through her care.

Dr. Pickowicz restored my core balance, got rid of vertigo and treated
my neck and spine to reduce the pain. She continued the care until results were achieved.

Without Dr. Pickowicz's attention, I would be in a very different place today
and not planning ski trips in the winter, paddleboarding in the summer or riding my bike.


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